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The Benefits of Small Group Travel

Traveling together is a rewarding way to spend quality time with the people who matter most to you. Whether you plan a family reunion overseas, coordinate a getaway with a group of friends, or link up with another family so your kids have company on holiday, there are many benefits of small group travel with a guide.

Here are some of the best reasons to choose a small group tour for your next New Zealand holiday:

  • Prices decrease with larger groups
  • Coordinating details is easier with a guide
  • Payment won’t cause headaches
  • A guide will help keep everyone on track
  • Your group can travel together in one vehicle
  • Your group receives specialized attention

Read more to learn why small group travel is the perfect way to see New Zealand.

The Benefits of Small Group Travel to New Zealand

1. Prices decrease with larger groups

Queenstown Marathon Incentive Tour

Joining up with friends or family helps reduce the costs of a guided tour for everyone involved. If your budget is tight, this is your best opportunity to experience the joys of traveling in a luxury vehicle with a personal tour guide.

2. Coordinating details is easier with a guide for small group travel

lord of the rings tour
Lord of the Rings Tour

If you want to travel in a large group, there are many extra details that must be arranged, from restaurant bookings to bathroom stops on long drives.

Your guide handles these small details, leaving you free to enjoy the views and the company.

3. Payment won’t cause headaches

If you book a group holiday for your extended family or friends without the help of a travel agent, arranging payment for each portion will be a nightmare.

Usually each booking must go under just one name, so what do you do when a week-long hotel booking for your group adds up to tens of thousands of dollars—which must be prepaid?

A travel agent will split the costs person by person, so no one will be liable for more than their share of the holiday. And if some group members want to splurge while others are happy staying in cheap accommodation, your travel consultant can arrange this without any hassle.

4. Your guide will keep everyone on track, leaving you more time to spend together

stewart island ferry small group travel

No one wants the job of shepherding a group from place to place, always keeping an eye on the time and the directions—instead of spending time with your fellow travelers, you end up worrying.

If you leave this task to your guide, your entire group can relax and make the most of the time together, rather than designating a taskmaster who has to work to keep everyone on schedule.

5. Your small group can travel together in one vehicle

Larger vehicles can only be rented by drivers with special passenger vehicle licenses.

This means that if your group is larger than 6 travelers (or 8 if you’re willing to be cramped), you will need to split into multiple vehicles—unless you travel with a guide.

Larger passenger vehicles are much more comfortable and spacious than regular cars, so it makes perfect sense for your group to travel in one of these rather than splitting up.

6. Your group receives specialized attention

New Zealand Photography Tour small group travel
Travelers on a New Zealand Photography Tour

Whether your group is interested in winery visits or family-friendly adventures, hikes or nature photography, your guide will show you the best of New Zealand.

Traveling as a small group is a great way to enjoy an exclusive, customized tour experience at a reasonable price. There is no better way to see New Zealand than with a local.

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